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Featured Quotes In The Media

Q13 Fox news

"Million-dollar homes becoming the norm in Seattle, on Eastside" (08/8/2017)

“Some of the homes that are selling for a million dollars, they were listed right around 800 to $850,000; they are getting bid up to a million to a $1.2 million,” said broker Kirk Russell, with the realty firm John L. Scott."


Video Source: Q13 Fox


The Wall Street Journal

"The Short Sale Alternative" (10/13/2010)

Kirk was quoted as an expert:

" Because there are any number of factors that can influence the timeline, "knowing the dynamics of the situation is key," says Kirk Russell, a broker with John L. Scott in Seattle."


Seattle Met

"The Shorter Short Sale" (9/16/2010)

Kirk was quoted as an expert:

"As John L. Scott broker Kirk Russell points out, though, “knowing the details of the first offer could be a key factor in deciding to make a backup offer.”


The Seattle Times

"Short sales: What to expect" (6/7/2009)

 "No. 1 is decline in value," said Kirk Russell, an agent with John L. Scott Real Estate's Seattle Center office. 

Russell is quick to point out that short sales, which often end up in foreclosure, occur at all income levels.

"I've worked with doctors who are in foreclosure because everyone across the board was stretching their income," he said. "I represent quite a few real-estate agents who are in foreclosure or short sales themselves."

Real Estate Testimonials

We are very fortunate to be able to share so many positive Real Estate experiences with our clients.

Real Estate Testimonials

Reviews on Zillow
"I've worked with Kirk in selling three of my investment properties and each time Kirk has performed professionally with a high degree of knowledge and ... more "
by drkaaren
"Kirk was our agent when we first moved to the area based on a recommendation from our mortgage broker. He guided us through a number of possibilities ... more "
by hjeiranian


Kirk Russell is a very honest and professional knowledgeable agent who goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for his clients. Kirk is trustworthy and I am always pleased by his hard work and dedication to his clients. I personally recommend Kirk to anyone who is looking for a property.

— Neil Rose


I am extremely impressed with Kirk. Not only is he a great realtor, he is kind and compassionate. I shall be forevermore grateful to Kirk. There were many people who viewed my condo. Kirk went through all the offers, choosing the best ones. A lovely young couple bought the condo. Kirk had worked into the negotiations a 30 day escrow and an extra 30 days to give me time to downsize, wothout paying rent for the extra time. I moved out 2 weeks after escrow closed.

— Carolyn Assaf


5 star service, they are the best!
They are very reliable and helpful as I live in UK and not in United States. They helped me to find a property and then negotiated the best deal to help me acquire the property. Best team and customer service possible. I recommend them exclusively!

— H.D.


Had a wonderful experience with Kirk. I was impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, diligence, and kindness to my family. I have been a sales professional for over 30 years and my assessment he has all the tools for continued success.

— Bill North


Working with Kirk was great; he has amazing knowledge of all aspects of real estate.

— Tamar Arganian


The Russell Real Estate Group are phenomenal! No matter where in the world you’re located, they continuously get the job done on your behalf. Definitely my realtors for life!”

— Z.T.


I’ve worked with The Russell Real Estate Group in selling three of my investment properties and each time they have performed professionally with a high degree of knowledge and integrity. I trust them implicitly. You can’t go wrong with Kirk as your real estate agent, whether buying, selling, or avoiding foreclosure.

— Angie Beauchaine


Kirk was a very patient, kind Realtor. Friendly, hardworking and very professional. Highly recommend him.

— Michael & Mary Johnson


As a first time home buyer, the process seemed overwhelming. The Russell Real Estate Group was great, whenever I was contacted, They would know what to do and take care of anything that came up. They made the home buying experience understandable. They were always available to answer questions and were very patient explaining things until they knew I understood. I would give The Russell Real Estate Group an A+!”

— Larry Gahlhoff


Kirk was excellent to work with. Always available via phone or in person to deal with any real estate needs. We will definitely recommend Kirk to friends and associates.

— Paul & Gretchen Keller


The Russell Real Estate Group was there for us throughout the process and answered all of our questions. They dealt with the sellers agent effectively and in a timely manner.

— Paul Keller


I sincerely appreciate the quality service I received by Kirk Russell. I was deeply under pressure and Kirk Russell was a light in a very dark place. I trusted him, followed his directions and now I am free to start over. I am so thankful!

— Janet Preston


We were impressed with how thorough he was at researching our buyers transaction to sell the Mercer Island property because he was able to get us a non-refundable $50,000 earnest money, even if our buyers sale fell through.

— Donald & Joan Mitchell


Kirk was great! He was always one step ahead of us: finding homes, previewing them, and making honest recommendations. Friendly, approachable and committed to his clients, we have recommended him to several friends already.

— Gabriell O' Sullivan


Thank you so much again with your help with the short sale. What you accomplished was amazing and we truly appreciate your hard work.

— Charles Walsh


Kirk is helpful, dedicated, resourceful, and considerate. I very much appreciate all his help and speak very highly of him at every opportunity. I am so thankful he was there to assist me - I never felt overwhelmed thanks to him!

— Brian Nash


Kirk was very professional in helping me sell my house, very cooperative, very much in contact with me and very attentive in business. He listens well and all I can say is he is just outstanding and very professional.

— Squire McDonald


I have moved MANY times and dealt with MANY real estate companies - until now I don’t know why I even bothered with other realties. YOU ARE THE BEST and Kirk Russell (on a scale of 1 -10)... He is off the charts in every good way.

— Michael & Georgia Woody


I was totally amazed at how he handled everything. The obstacles he had with the banks being "overloaded", dealing with me and my anxieties, going out of his way to please my husband and me and GOING OUT OF HIS WAY to please the buyers was extremely impressive.

Doing business with Kirk was something I hated to see come to an end, as he is such a pleasure to be around.

I feel my words are inadequate in describing what a fine person he is! You are fortunate to have him as a Realtor and anyone who does business with him is literally BLESSED!

-  Georgia Woody