Court-Ordered Real Estate Liquidation

As an Attorney at law, we know that your clients need to have a reliable and well-qualified team of Realtors as your business partner to dispose and/or liquidate properties with excellence.

Due to our extensive background serving business partners just like yourself, our successful track record and dedication can complement you as an attorney working on behalf of your client's best interests.

From tenant relocation to cosmetic updates that make the property more marketable, the Russell Real Estate Group does more than just sell your clients’ homes.

We understand the framework of working with clients who may be experiencing delicate situations, which requires the discreet handling of assets, whether it be in the probate process, divorce, or bankruptcy, we provide that professional service which recognizes the need to maintain confidentiality.

The Russell Real Estate Group is here to unlock the possibilities and make the home sale process easier for both you and your client.

The RREG Difference

With our comprehensive team, you can be assured that we'll be available to you and your clients whenever you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

18 years of experience bring fresh perspective and dedication, supported by a passionate team assisting our clients and partners to maximize their real estate assets.

Maximum Return
Maximize your clients home value with tailored marketing plans, including home upgrades and/or repairs to increase the marketability.

Unlocking The Possibilities

Tailored Services:

  • Clearing liens, disconnected utilities, city levied fines
  • Appraiser partnerships capable of five business day report delivery
  • Affiliated contractor capable of small or major home repairs
  • Property clean up, furniture and hazardous material removal
  • Removal of abandoned vehicles Working with uncooperative tenants


Court-Ordered Guidelines
We negotiate and structure purchase contracts that meet or exceed the court's guidelines to ensure a smooth home closing without any issues.

We Do The Dirty Work
Is your client's home in a hazardous condition? We'll remove bio-hazard and infectious waste, feces and fecal matter, expired food, trashed garbage, insects and rodents, mold, and all other hazardous materials to make the property market ready.

We effectively coordinate all matters related to the escrow process, including inspections, verifications, disclosures, lien resolutions, contingency removals, loan progress, and all other matters to ensure a smooth and painless home sale.